Donate a Vehicle

The West Amwell Fire Company responds to emergencies each year that involve extricating drivers and passengers from vehicles after an accident. Often there are serious injuries as a result of these accidents, and before victims can be removed from the affected vehicles for medical treatment, our firefighters must use specialized rescue equipment and techniques to extricate the accident victims. As new vehicles are produced with even more advanced construction methods, fuel delivery systems, lightweight components, airbag safety systems and computer controlled security. It has become more important that our firefighters stay educated on the changes in vehicle construction and the extrication techniques needed to safely and swiftly rescue accident victims.

As part of our continued training program, our firefighters participate in vehicle extrication drills. These drills involve using extrication tools and techniques on actual donated vehicles. This hand’s on approach enables us to practice and refine our skills.

If you have a vehicle that you would like to donate to the West Amwell Fire Company, please use the CONTACT US tab and indicate vehicle donation in the subject area. The owner must be present to sign over the title to the car and will receive a letter indicating that the vehicle has been donated to the fire company. Please make sure that all personal possessions have been removed from the vehicle prior to making the donation. After the vehicle has been used for training, the remaining components will be towed away to a scrap yard or recycling facility. Your vehicle donation may help to save lives.